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Super Moon
— June 23, 2013

Be sure to look out for the Moon these next few months as it approaches Perigee, because the full moons during these times will appear exceptionally large. The Moon will be at its Perigee, or closest approach, in June 23 and it will reach full moon only a few minutes after it passes this point in its orbit.

These ‘super moons’ not only appear larger because they are physically closer but, combined with a full moon, the mind can play tricks on you to think they are much larger. This phenomena is called the Moon Illusion. Try to catch these full moons as they rise/set because the illusion works when there is an object in the foreground, like a tree, building or mountains.

Stargazing Events for 2013

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Fifty Ways to Tie a Scarf from Scarves Dot Net here (look at high res version). It says forty but they are adding new ways to tie scarves every day and if you click on a scarf there are detailed instructions and sometimes even a video to show you how to tie it. This site also has fabric care for scarves, and how to tie the following scarves and more (and numerous sub categories):

  • bandanas
  • circle scarves
  • head scarves
  • rectangle long scarves
  • skinny scarves
  • square scarves
  • wrap scarves and tons more - you get the picture: everything you ever wanted to know about scarves.

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Do people notice when I karaoke in the car hardcore during rush hour?


Nice Structure of the Day: The Euthanasia Coaster

In 2010, British PhD candidate Julijonas Urbonas designed this scale model of his steel roller coaster concept that would kill every rider from insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.



Nice Structure of the Day: The Euthanasia Coaster


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There comes a stage in life where you learn to put aside certain dreams in order to pursue reality. I think this begins a journey where you can start to appreciate yourself. All too soon do we chase after our heart’s nightly wish.

Today I cried about work for ten minutes straight then went back to work.

Now I’ve chugged two cans of coke and belched out loud.

I also coughed up four digits worth of care repair money.

I also just landed in my home city last night at eleven at night.

You have No excuse to judge me.

I deserve to hang loose and be lazy.

I just realized how in the past 5 years, I’ve become sarcastic and bitter. Sitting at a high school choir class parents night schpeel…… I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes and be disgusted with the typos on the handout. ….the guy talking right now is better than the woman earlier…uggg their presentation sucks, a word document with 10 point font at 100% zoom???????

Wtf! Oh, and that Frisbee joke wasn’t even funny…..

Man Oh man, I was a senior only 5 years ago, when did things change or was I just out of the loop?!

Booster club president with stage fright!!!! Argggg! Is this where all the failures ended up as Soon as they had kids?

I really want to tell them off. Is it okay to submit a anonymous comment about how disappointed I am right now?


Sometimes I form obsessions and they won’t go away.

Why is the solution to get plastic surgery on kids to avoid bullying but not to teach the bullies to respect others and appreciate differences?

Why is the answer to the fundamental question the beginning to a multitude of irrelevance.

The problem isn’t because that little girl had floppy ears, or the short kids with giant braces , or even the child with the awkward gait. It is the lack of parenting and educational discipline. The real world will continue to foster bullies as adults because “avoidance” isn’t the correct answer. Their view and perception of how to treat others is the true substance of their ignorance.

In a way, on a certain level, from a cornered perspective, I get it. But seriously, there are so many ways for things to get better.


Why most recruiters get up in the morning

Yes we might enjoy our job (sometimes). Yes we might get great personal satisfaction from helping people and making placements, managing the whole process from picking up a new job with a new client, then finding a candidate who might fit the…


And here I am. I loved Math. I was great at it. And then we broke up. I decided to have a fling with Liberal Arts in college. I had always seen myself as a creative. ‘See the world!’ They said. ’Don’t just settle on the first one you come across’ They said.

I certainly didn’t.

I started with…